Summer Update

Posted by schnolis on June 9th, 2009 filed in Observations

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve hit a slow patch. I’m not going to the movies as much, and I think the largest part of that is that the summer is getting going. Graduation has come and gone, and even though I’m not a student, it dramatically changes the way my office works. There’s more to do around the house, and more places to take the kids, especially as they grow up before my eyes. I even had a weekend to myself about 10 days ago, and I stayed around the house doing chores and projects that needed doing instead of heading to the theater.

I think the other part keeping me from seeing more films is I’m in a bit of a writing funk. I do kind of like writing, but it’s challenging to write a review for each movie I see. So far, I’ve completed 57 reviews over approximately 22,500 words. That’s somewhere around a 75 page paper! Considering I only do this in my spare time, that’s a lot of writing. My reviews are getting longer, too. I’m trying to stay consistent, but I’m finding I have a lot of thoughts on the films I’m seeing, so I try to get a lot of that down on the site. That, coupled with the fact that my writing is improving (I think) with practice and I’m writing sooner after seeing the movie, it’s all understandable.

I’m headed for a triple movie night tomorrow, this time with Linda coming along. We’re looking forward to our little treat, with many thanks to her sister, who will be staying at home with the kids.

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