Movie Wednesday

Posted by schnolis on June 21st, 2009 filed in Showtimes

This week is going to be very difficult to predict. I don’t know yet which movies are going to be leaving the Ritz except for the early indication that Herb & Dorothy is a one-week only run. There are four movies starting Friday, but two movies that are currently taking two screens each. There are lots of ways things can shake out for movies, and hopefully I’ll know more before Wednesday.

As of now I’m planning to see two movies with Linda on Wednesday evening and possibly a third on myself afterward:

Food, Inc., 5:20p, Ritz at the Bourse
Pressure Cooker, 7:00p, Ritz at the Bourse
Herb & Dorothy, 9:35p, Ritz at the Bourse

The connection between the first and second films is tight, but should be okay with the trailer times.

UPDATE: Good news! The only film leaving this week I haven’t seen is Pressure Cooker, and I’m already planning to see that on Wednesday.

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