Movie Wednesday

Posted by schnolis on June 29th, 2009 filed in Showtimes

This week I missed a movie for the first time since March. Departures has left the theater. I didn’t know it was leaving, otherwise I would have certainly seen it. It’s unfortunate, but I’ll make it up on DVD when it comes out. So far, Amazon doesn’t have a release date.

As of now I’m planning to see two movies on Wednesday evening, with flexible options for a third if I feel like it.

Herb & Dorothy, 5:15p, Ritz at the Bourse
The Merry Gentleman, 7:35p, Ritz Five

The time between films is roomy and the connection easy to make. Also, the times are reversible so I have options for a third movie at either theater so long as I decide before which it’ll be.

UPDATE: There’s a screening of Tetro at 7:00p that I might try to catch. If I do, the order of films will look like this:

The Merry Gentleman, 5:05p, Ritz Five
Tetro, 7:00p, Ritz East
Herb & Dorothy, 9:35p, Ritz at the Bourse

If I do, though, it will be the first time I’ve seen one movie in each theater. There appears to be enough room in between provided my estimates are close.

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