Movie Wednesday

Posted by schnolis on July 21st, 2009 filed in Showtimes

As there are no screenings I’m aware of for Wednesday, it’s going to be a simple night. There are only two movies I still need to see and they are:

The Hurt Locker, 7:00p, Ritz Five
Séraphine, 9:50p, Ritz Five

Movie times are pretty simple, though there’s a pretty large gap in between. My mother is coming to visit this week, and arrives only a few hours before. She’s graciously agreed to watch the girls and allow me to continue my movie night, so I’m excited to still be going. Next week remains up in the air, as I’m going to be busy with the family while I’m on vacation. Hopefully I’ll still find time to catch a few films. Stay posted if you’re coming along.

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