Wendy and Lucy

Posted by schnolis on January 28th, 2009 filed in Reviews

WENDY_AND_LUCYWendy and Lucy is a touching buddy movie between a girl Wendy (Michelle Williams) and her dog Lucy. Wendy is traveling roughly north and west in an attempt to find some lucrative work in the Alaskan fish market. Unfortunately for her, though, she’s a bit low on cash. Her car is breaking down in front of her. She’s largely alone except for her loyal canine companion.

Her despair is accelerated when her car breaks down in a small town. While she’s waiting for the word on how much the repairs will cost, she gets caught shoplifting from a local grocer. She’s detained by the police and her dog disappears from the pole she attached him to. All of the protection from her strange circumstance is stripped away. This film is the tenuous strain of Wendy pulled to the breaking point.

It’s a pretty intense ride, too. I ended up caring what was going to happen to her as she searched frantically for her best friend and companion, unsure if he was even alive. Everything is largely resolved by the end, though that’s not the highlight of the movie. I don’t know honestly know how I would end this movie, though. If everything worked out perfectly I would have felt cheated, but I still left the theater a little off, even if I can’t put my finger on exactly why.

What I liked: The gritty realism. The compelling emotional attachment that Lucy had for her dog.

What I disliked: Some of odd choices Lucy made, like shoplifting, where she slept, abuse of her car, etc. It made for dramatic moments in the film but I found it hard to believe anyone would actually choose to do some of them, despite the harrowing circumstance. The ending was pretty unsatisfying, too.

Rating: 7 of 10

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