I’ve Loved You So Long

Posted by schnolis on December 31st, 2008 filed in Reviews

I'VE_LOVED_YOU_SO_LONGHow can you forgive someone who commits a terrible crime? Is there anything that person can do to make amends? And what if that person you need to absolve is yourself? These questions and more are explored in I’ve Loved You So Long.

The movie opens with the reunion of two sisters. Lea (Else Zylbersein) travels to the airport to pickup her sister Juliette (Kristin Scott Thomas). Juliette has just been released from prison, and has nowhere to go. Though we don’t learn this until later, she spent 15 years in jail for the crime of murder. And to make it worse, the person she killed was her own six-year old son.

Juliette is distracted and reserved, unfamiliar with dealing with people anymore. Lea is simply looking to connect with the sister she lost when Lea was still a teen. We the audience learn about the tragic happenings slowly, amidst other tragedies along the way. Ultimately the love two sisters share seems to survive the baring of all their secrets, but the telling does come at a cost.

This movie is a bittersweet pleasure to watch, though. I couldn’t help but relate to the horror I know I’d feel for the death of my own children, something I doubt I would have understood before having any. I recommend this movie, but keep some tissue close by.

What I liked: A heartbreaking story told with tremendous drama and authentic characters. A very sparse musical score. Kristen Scott Thomas had countless expressions of grief, sadness, sorrow, mirth, etc. The look in her eyes carried several of the scenes.

What I disliked: Sometimes the drama went too far. It didn’t seem plausible that some of the unspoken things remained hidden for so long. It did enhance some dramatic tension, but other than that I kept hoping the characters would just talk already. The ending was a little too obvious, maybe.

Rating: 9 of 10

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