Rachel Getting Married

Posted by schnolis on December 31st, 2008 filed in Reviews

RACHEL_GETTING_MARRIEDRachel and Sidney are getting married. They’re in love, they’re best friends, and their families are full of support and love. On the outside everything is beautiful. Despite all this, a tragic past pulls on all the family members, but most heavily on Rachel’s younger sister Kym (Anne Hathaway). Kym is taking a leave from a rehab hospital to attend the wedding, and she brings with her the dark cloud of remembrance into the otherwise festive household.

Rachel Getting Married has a terrific feel to it. Instead of being a fly on a wall or a neutral observer, I was brought in to the movie. I actually felt like I was part of the family, taking part in the wedding while observing the currents of emotion that swept everyone away from time to time. During the ceremony itself I felt closed in and tense waiting for the next explosion. I knew it was coming, but I couldn’t leave.

Eventually the wedding happened. And it was indeed the beautiful moment it deserved to be. The members of the family worked through their own issues and spoke their minds. When the disagreements were aired and the tension finally eased, everyone went on living. And that is really the whole point.

What I liked: The feeling of belonging. This might be the most emotionally involved I’ve ever felt in a movie. Anne Hathaway played a very tough, sulky role pretty well.

What I disliked: Too much anxiety. I’m not a big fan of weddings and parties; they make me a little tense and reserved. And I felt all of that while just observing this movie. That’s certainly hard to handle for too much time. I don’t think I would watch this movie again, but I am glad to have seen it.

Rating: 7 of 10

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