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FANBOYSFanboys is the hilarious story of four twenty-somethings who have always been “Fanboys” of the Star Wars series. The movie is set right before The Phanom Menace movie debuted in theaters. The four guys, and eventually one “Fangirl”, trek cross-country to try to break into George Lucas’s Skywalker Ranch and get a sneak peak of the upcoming film.

This story is simple, but there’s a lot of ways for it to go wrong. That was my biggest fear coming in. But for the most part the film stays to the script and keeps the scenes funny and reverent without being too sappy or stupid. As a big fan of the original Star Wars series myself, I laughed repeatedly at the jokes, cameos, trivia and quizzes that took place through the entire film.

While there were a few absurd and ridiculous moments, the film quickly moved on and kept the story moving forward. It never took itself too seriously, either, and took shots at everyone along the way. This is especially true of the last line of the movie, when the characters are finally in the theater to see the movie, the fanfare plays, one Fanboy says to the others, “What if the movie sucks?” Fanboys certainly didn’t.

What I liked: Cameos by Billy Dee Williams and Carrie Fisher. William Shattner is HILARIOUS in his tiny role. George Lucas’s apparent sense of humor about himself and his movies.

What I disliked: A strip routine in front of a rowdy group of gay bikers at a dive bar in the middle of nowhere? Mistaking super-hot escorts in Las Vegas for regular girls? Come on, people. You proved you have an imagination, so use it! Step out of the dumb cliche, please!

Rating: 7 of 10

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