Donkey Punch

Posted by schnolis on February 12th, 2009 filed in Reviews

DONKEY_PUNCHBad things happen to nice people who act irresponsibly. At the core, that’s the message I took away from Donkey Punch. The experience, though, was a challenge of its own. How can you put into words this tragic spiral of bad decisions, double-crosses, gruesome murders, blame and recrimination, and just plain stupidity? Or maybe the better question would be, Why Bother?

It should come as no surprise I’m not a fan of the horror genre. I get the sense there’s a reason for having everybody in the story die in a revelatory new way. But seriously, an unattached outboard motor? Inside the boat? (I hope I am not spoiling anything here). The first death is shocking enough, I suppose, but each successive one becomes more extreme.

I object also to the moral message that young people acting lewdly after getting drunk, high, and stealing a yacht somehow deserve this gruesome fate. Young people on holiday are out to have a good time. So what?

The only wonder I really about this film is why was it showing at the Ritz Theaters? Was this an arts-house thrasher movie? Was it because other theaters wouldn’t touch the wild home-move orgy scene? Was this a cut above the regular horror flick? I don’t really know. I picked the Ritz for my movie project on the basic assumption this fare is atypical. We’ll see if in one year’s time that holds to be true.

What I liked: Attractive people having fun. That the movie finally ended.

What I disliked: Very unnecessary overdramatic story arc. Stupid characters making very dumb decisions. Over the top and almost comical murders.

Rating: 2/10

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