The Beginning

Posted by schnolis on December 29th, 2008 filed in Announcements

On one of my most recent trips to the movies, I sat back in my chair as the credits rolled and thought to myself, “Why don’t you do this more often?” My mind jumped from one thought to another as my consciousness slowly emerged from the imagined realm of the film. Why did the director shoot that last scene that way? Who was this story really about? What did the title of the movie really mean? Finally aware of people shuffling out of their seats, I savored the concluding moments of music and shared a knowing look with the few others who stayed until the entire movie ended.

Getting out to see good drama, whether that happens to be the movies or the theater, is probably the most consistently energizing part of my life. Still, I feel like I don’t get out often enough. The fact that I’ve got twin daughters and a large old (but new to me) house to take care of might have something to do with that. Or maybe it’s the crazy search to find a parking spot in center-city Philadelphia where the arts house theaters are. Or maybe it’s just impossible to find the right time for everyone who wants to see a particular film.

In truth, there are always obstacles to overcome. In spite of them, I have decided to challenge myself to see every movie released at the Ritz Theaters for the calendar year 2009. There are 12 movie screens in the three Ritz Theaters, and anywhere from 10 to 14 movies showing at any given time (accounting for some movies showing on more screens and some movies splitting time). My guess is that there are probably three or four new movies a week. While I would love to see every one of those in the theater, I anticipate missing some (especially those with shorter spans in release) and will instead watch them in another theater (say, in Chicago) or in the home theater on DVD.

I addition to seeing the film, I’m going to write a short review of the experience. I’m not thinking much, maybe three or four paragraphs. I will include something of a personal style and have a short paragraph for things I liked and things I disliked about every film. To conclude each review, I will give a rating on a 1 to 10 scale. This scale is mostly arbitrary, but fairly logical. While I will try to do my best to stay accurate, I’m not sure that I won’t be swayed by mood on the day I attribute a score. It’s just part of the process, and no ratings scale is perfect.

I’m not planning to include any films that are part of a film festival. If a film is a one-day or single presentation event, I’m not including it. Likewise if there are some things showing that aren’t movies at all, like collected shorts around Oscar time, concerts, theater or symphony broadcasts, etc., I’m not including them. My challenge will be difficult enough without them.

I’m also encouraging comments. I’ve tried to open comments on every single post. Please write a note and let me know I’ve made a grammatical or spelling mistake. Or let me know if I’m completely missing the point, or if you disagree with my point. I’m posting all of this on the internet so I suspect people will ultimately find it, whether I know who you are or not.

The running list of films I’ve seen or am waiting to see can be found at all times on the TOP RIGHT corner of the page. It’s quite simply named “THE LIST”. The top section contains movies I haven’t seen that are out in the theater still. The second section contains movies I haven’t seen that aren’t out in the theater. Most likely these aren’t out on DVD either. The final section is for movies I’ve seen. If there name is highlighted, it means I’ve written a review. Just follow the link to read the review for that particular movie.

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  1. Caroline Says:

    Miles and I are planning on seeing every movie at the Bourse and would love to hear your thoughts about those. Last week I saw, “I’m Not There” at the Rattle and Reel showiing (which only happens at the Bourse). We were the only ones in the theater which was a bit surreal. For me at least. I may also be able to branch out to the other theaters if you give me some warning. Check out that mvoie though if it’s still there. It was a unique and rereshingly creative.

  2. Linda Says:

    Awesome idea babes. I support you all the way…but you’ve got to see the movies on your nites OFF, and you gets no other breaks…c’mon, we’ve got a family to raise… ;)

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