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GOMORRAHGomorrah is the dark story of a poor town infected with organized crime and drugs. It’s set someplace in Italy, and gives those of us unfamiliar with such brutal conditions an opportunity to experience how inhumanely some people live.

The story itself involved a few distinct branches of the crime family operations. Some people carelessly dumped hazardous waste into unprepared and unsafe areas. Others brutally maintained their order with violence and killings. Still others decided they could go it alone with a renegade style.

Ultimately, though, in this kind of environment, everybody loses. That’s the point I took away, at least. It doesn’t matter if you’re loyal to one side or another, if you’re friends with one person or another, if you keep your mouth shut or sound off at every opportunity. Your life is forfeit if you stay; it’s just a question of when.

What I liked: The gritty filming and storytelling. The engrossing storytelling and back story for many different characters of every age, loyalty, and sex.

What I disliked: Being so involved with such a depressing and dysfunctional environment. That’s no fault of the movie, I understand. It’s hard to bring yourself to observe the depravity that other human beings live in and know there’s little or nothing you can do to stop it.

Rating: 7 of 10

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