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DOUBTWhen I first heard Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman were making a movie together, I became excited. It was to be a powerful he-said/she-said thriller with the two stars pitted against each other. Later I learn he was to play a peiest and she a nun. She would accuse him of impropriety behind closed doors with a young boy. He proclaims his innocence. In my imagination, I believed this movie could be amazing.

Only one scene actually was. The two actors battled it out on screen for one long and very passionate scene, and it was everything I had hoped for from the beginning. I sat enthralled literally on the edge of my seat.

But the rest of the film just couldn’t maintain any kind of real tension or interest. The ending seemed a foregone conclusion. We never learned what happened between the closed doors. Honestly, though, I really didn’t care. I suppose I would have enjoyed this movie more if I did.

What I liked: Some powerful scenes with some really good actors. Brought back some memories of life in Catholic school for me. Amy Adams character was a really solid middle character.

What I disliked: A somewhat anachronistic story. Tried too hard to show itself and its characters on the cusp of major societal change.

Rating: 6 of 10

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