Wednesday Movie Night Returns

Posted by schnolis on March 24th, 2009 filed in Showtimes

Personal and family reasons have kept me from going to the movies for very much in the past month, but I’m happy to announce that I’m going back to the Ritz for a movie marathon again Wednesday night. Life can really hit you hard sometimes, and when it does, movies have to take a very distant back seat. And that happened for me.

Now, though, the worst seems behind us, and I’m ready to be inspired again. I was aware of being more blue and less inspired. It crossed my mind every now and then that while I wasn’t getting the spiritual escape from the everyday grind, I wasn’t getting as excited about doing anything. Without a time to play, a time to let your mind and heart search out new worlds, alternate realities, and different truths, you’re not likely to enjoy the things you do have. That applies to the smooth times as much as the rocky ones.

I’m going to try to see the following movies:
Moscow, Belgium (5:10p, Ritz at the Bourse)
The Edge of Love (7:00p, Ritz at the Bourse)

These are my first two choices mainly because they’re leaving the Ritz. I realize my quest to see all these films largely dictates the order of which movies I see, but that isn’t really a problem for me. Overall the goal gives me direction that I’m comfortable with it. Further, the choices are all fantastic anyway. I have seen VERY few movies that I’m disappointed with thus far this year. And I’m up to date on writing reviews for all the movies I’ve seen in 2009 on this quest.

The last movie is going to be one of the following:
Explicit Ills
The Great Buck Howard
Sunshine Cleaning
Crossing Over

All of them look interesting, but I’m going to wait to see how I feel before deciding the last film. Sunshine Cleaning looks humorous and solid. The Great Buck Howard looks quirky but less solid. Explicit Ills is a dark horse and Crossing Over looks current and mediocre. I don’t typically like anything with Ashley Judd, but since I’m compelled to see the movie because of my goal, I’m going to just ignore that fact. Besides, I might ultimately be swayed by not wanting to leave the Ritz at the Bourse!

So wish me luck! I’m already excited. It’s going to be a great night!

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