Alien Trespass

Posted by schnolis on April 8th, 2009 filed in Reviews

ALIEN TRESPASSAlien Trespass is a movie 50 years out of time. It has the sensibilities of a monster or alien-invasion film made in the 1950s. In fact the film even half-heartedly asserts it was originally made then, preserved unseen due to an unfortunate legal battle.

The story itself takes place in a quiet town someplace in the desert in the American Southwest. One night while the townsfolk are going about their business, an alien ship crashes into a butte. The yokels who first discover this craft are ignored or pulverized by an evil alien who turns its victims into puddles of muddy water. A local scientist finds his way to the craft and his body is taken over by another alien on the damaged vessel. With the eventual help of the sleuthing townsfolk who put together the mystery, the warden alien begins to catch up to the killer. But they must act before it multiplies and kills all life on the planet.

It’s not entirely surprising that this movie succeeds. That it does so with so many hearty laughs and “aw, shucks” moments is actually a somewhat surprising. The audience I shared this film with chuckled often and loudly, and nobody seemed to leave disappointed. I suppose that’s not a bad place to be.

What I liked: The fun, whimsical tone of this film. From beginning to end it didn’t take anything too seriously, and the effort paid off.

What I disliked: Sometimes the over-the-top style was a bit excessive. The movie didn’t have much ambition, and didn’t take any risks.

Rating: 7 of 10

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