Sunshine Cleaning

Posted by schnolis on April 8th, 2009 filed in Reviews

SUNSHINE CLEANINGSomething feels wrong with the Lorkowski family from the very beginning of the film. Rose (Amy Adams) is a single mother who constantly enlists the help of her screw-up sister Norah (Emily Blunt). Rose is just holding it together until one day on the job as a house cleaner she runs into a high school classmate. This friend causes Rose to acknowledge that her life isn’t going in the right direction.

Just when she starts looking for some change, her married boyfriend Mac (Steve Zahn) suggests she start a business cleaning crime scenes. It makes no sense, but she decides to do it anyway, and brings her sister along as well. While the work is disgusting, Rose begins to take a certain pride in it, and finds solace in helping people when they need it most.

Plenty of drama ensues throughout the film, between all the members of this grieving family. Eventually, though, Rose and Norah help each other out of their respective ruts and vault themselves on a new path toward happiness. For everyone in this story it’s still going to be a long road. But their journey has at least begun.

What I liked: A powerful story. Nice acting by Amy Adams and Emily Blunt.

What I disliked: A little too much formula. The movie introduced some difficult themes, but the nearly happy ending was a bit out of place. The lives of the characters were too out of whack for them to have even been getting by with any functionality. A trailer that promoted entirely the wrong mood for the film.

Rating: 8 of 10

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