Everlasting Moments

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EVERLASTING MOMENTSI had two daughters sometime just over two years ago. That colossal addition to my life has caused me to make numerous adjustments and sacrifices. That’s just a statement of fact. I love them both so much already, and I certainly don’t regret them for a second. But mine is a modern world, as both a favored color and a favored sex. That makes Maria Larsson (Maria Heiskanen) all the more amazing to me.

She’s the heroine of Everlasting Moments, the eventual mother of seven children. Maria cleans people’s houses, can sew anything, and helps out all over the place. Her husband Sigfrid (Mikael Persbrandt) is a hulking man who has no trouble finding work, booze, or women to trifle with. But somehow it works for them, most of the time at least. Maria’s life is changed one day when she tries to sell a camera she uncovers one day while cleaning. When the shop owner encourages her to at least try it out, she unearths a passion for photography. She has a natural eye that attracts the shop keeper’s interest both professionally and emotionally.

Through everything, including physical and verbal abuse, untold cheating and even after sending her husband to jail, Maria sticks with her family without voicing much of a complaint. We get to see her pass up opportunity to explore her passion and her change at love. It’s a beautiful and yet heartbreaking thing. Her children, who do not really understand the relationship with their father, never realize their own chance at success and happiness will be at her expense.

What I liked: The everyday heroes in the story. Maria was the most incredible parent I’ve seen in a movie in months. Her spirit and drive for her family moved me personally. It’s a beautiful story.

What I disliked: The narration by the daughter. It didn’t ever work. All the voice-over work was unnecessary and I felt detracted from the story. She was a minor character who didn’t offer any particular insights in a film that already gave us plenty of omniscient viewpoints. Wishing Maria would just leave and get on with it.

Rating: 8 of 10

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