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AMARCORDAn interesting change of pace to all the new releases at the Ritz this week was Amarcord. This classic film from 1973 is one of Federico Fellini’s most beloved films. A semi-biographical film, it speaks lovingly of Fellini’s hometown of Rimini in Northern Italy. The title Amarcord translates to “I remember”.

In the film, however, the town is called Borgo. It’s full of larger than life characters and personalities. Everyone has a jovial, almost juvenile viewpoint. Each player in this film has been caricatured to highlight their particular oddities. Titta, ostensibly the role of Fellini himself, spends his days pulling pranks and wearing the shortest short pants I’ve ever seen. His father Aurelio blows his temper at the slightest insubordination from anyone, while Titta’s uncle never gets worked up over anything. Aurelio’s wife Miranda calms Aurelio down and tries to temper everything her male family members do.

Titta has developed a very healthy adolescent lust for various members the town. There’s the beautiful hairdresser Gradisca who struts around town. And Volpina, the airheaded blonde prostitute who wisps around town wherever them men seem to be. Then there’s the tobaccanist with her enormous bosom that Titta just wants to cuddle up to.

It is the love shown for all these variaous flawed and funny characters that make this movie special. We live one year with everyone, from spring through to spring, witnessing the pranks and the passion, the laughs and loves, the succor and the sadness.

What I liked: The great personalities of the individuals in this place. The whole town just fits together so perfectly. It’s like getting stranded with all your favorite aunts and most outrageous uncles and jovial cousins for a whole year.

What I disliked: As much as I liked it this isn’t really my kind of movie. Sure, ti’s beautiful in what it does, but it’s not challenging in any serious way. Maybe my experience of my own childhood is too different, or maybe I’m just too serious of a person. Some of the crassness got old after a while.

Rating: 8 of 10

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