Movie Wednesday

Posted by schnolis on May 2nd, 2009 filed in Showtimes

Because of a malfunctioning refrigerator my family and I spent busy weekend shopping for a new appliance instead of seeing any movies.   To make it up, I’m attempting to see three of the five films released Friday and three again next Wednesday.  If I succeed I will be completely caught up.

American Violet, Ritz Five at 5:05p
Lymelife, Ritz at the Bourse at 7:35p
Tokyo Sonata, Ritz at the Bourse at 9:40p

There are some interesting options in the first slot.  I’m choosing essentially between Is Anybody There?, Lemon Tree and American Violet all of which are at the Ritz Five. After that I will need to hustle over to the Ritz at the Bourse.  Tokyo Sonata is on a one-week only run; that’s the one I really need to see this week.

As always, if you’re around and care to join me, please do. Movies on Wednesdays at the Ritz are $6 all day, and parking is free at all parking meters after a certain time which I cannot recall.

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