Posted by schnolis on May 7th, 2009 filed in Observations

Last night I watched three movies at the Ritz, and in the process watched a lot of trailers. In the past few months the trailers have overlapped quite a bit movie-to-movie, and I never saw too many distinct ones. Last night was a curious exception. I watched a total of 15 different trailers, and 13 of those were unique. I assume that all of these films will be on my list eventually, and there weren’t any that I wouldn’t have liked to see anyway. Here’s the list:

Every Little Step
Girlfriend Experience, The
Goodbye Solo (x2)
Limits of Control, The (x2)
Little Ashes
Rudo y Cursi
Song of Sparrows, The
Stoning of Soraya M., The

The first clip before every movie at Landmark Theater, though, is an advertisement for HDNet. It has been the same clip since last year sometime, so I’m getting pretty tired of it. HDNet and Landmark Theaters are both owned by Mark Cuban, so I can understand the connection. There’s a monthly Sneak Preview of upcoming movies shown on HDNet. Since HDNet Movies was removed from my DirecTV package sometime in the past couple of years, I haven’t watched the channel at all.

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